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Follow Your Instinct

At FDM, we are guided by our expertise and intuition, by the brief, and by our discussions with the client and their customers. This enables us to create distinctive and engaging concepts that hit the mark every time.

We constantly invent and reinvent ourselves with each project we're entrusted with, always striving to leave a lasting impression on the collective consciousness

Hand holding a phone in a blue chair and dressed in white

The FDM Approach

We offer punchy solutions to create a positive impact and generate tangible, measurable results. We create campaigns that shake things up!

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Claudia Martin

Vice-president and Partner

Our Management Team

Claudia et Franceska dans un bureau FDM

Franceska Dion

President and Founder

A Multidisciplinary Team with Talent to spare

The FDM team consists of fifteen professionals who complement each other and work hand in hand to bring our ideas and your projects to life.

Account managers
Account Directors
Public Relations Coordinators
Designer Editor
Digital Strategists
Digital Coordinators
Graphic Designers
Content Creators
Project Managers

What we do Best

Public Relations

Digital Marketing

Content Creation

Graphic Design

Our Podcast

Stories from local entrepreneurs, unfiltered interviews with media and creators. Here, we discuss the hot topics of the moment, ranging from digital marketing to press relations. Put on your headphones and get ready to be captivated by the Agence FDM podcast.

Would you Like to Join our Team?

View our job openings and submit your application to us. Don't worry if the position you're looking for isn't there. We also accept spontaneous applications.

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