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De Champlain Financial Group

Case study

Writing SEO articles: a growth lever for the De Champlain Financial Group blog


Writing blog articles, when backed by a well-thought-out content strategy, turns out to be a major asset for natural referencing (SEO).


By producing high-quality content that highlights the brand's expertise, SEO writing becomes essential for boosting visibility on search engines and asserting its leading position in its sector.


Agence FDM was able to implement this winning tactic for De Champlain Financial Group, leading to a clear increase in the group's online visibility and, in turn, media interest in the know-how of its president: Mr. Sylvain De Champlain.

The De Champlain Financial Group team
Sylvain De Champlain, president of De Champlain Financial Group, on the phone

Synergy between blog writing and press relations


Based on an annual content calendar, media approaches are linked to the writing of SEO blog articles, which have become a crucial content lever for the journalistic angle in the press relations strategy.


By promoting the company's skills and expertise through blog articles, De Champlain Financial Group, and in particular its president, Sylvain De Champlain, have aroused the interest of journalists working in sectors such as finance, economics, private management and entrepreneurship.


This public relations strategy, carried out continuously with monthly media initiatives, created regular opportunities for media coverage and ensured sustained visibility throughout the year. The greater the media visibility, the stronger the SEO.


This synergy has proven the exceptional performance of a collaboration between press relations and writing blog articles.

Highlights that demonstrate success

Over the past year, De Champlain Financial Group has remarkably improved its natural referencing thanks to a content strategy focused on blogs and supported by constant press relations:


13 of the 16 blog posts made it into the top 5 search results for their primary keyword, with 5 posts dominating the top spot.

The group benefited from 21 media coverage , accumulating more than 15.5 million impressions.

These impressive results highlight the importance of a well-honed SEO article strategy for the development and recognition of a business.

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