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Emma Dunn de Lingerie Emma qui pose pour la photo

Lingerie Emma

Case study:

impact communication campaign

A new campaign under the sign of empowerment

by Lingerie Emma

For its 20th anniversary, Lingerie Emma, a high-end lingerie boutique, commissioned Agency FDM to design an impactful communication campaign.


This bold initiative, which transforms feminine strength into art, has been manifested through a series of 12 eloquent outdoor billboards scattered throughout the Montreal metropolitan region and the brand's social media platforms.

The vision behind the campaign

Under the theme of empowerment, Emma Dunn, founder of Lingerie Emma, reveals herself for the first time in a series of striking portraits, depicting not only the entrepreneur but also the essence of every woman who identifies with the brand. This campaign is an invitation to honor one's unique beauty, to rejoice in one's individuality, and to recognize that lingerie is a reflection of one's soul.

The terms chosen to accompany the images — "woman," "strong," "bold," "empowered" — echo Emma's philosophy, which sees every woman as a heroine, a symbol of personal power.

A brand united with its collaborators to celebrate women

With the stylistic excellence of Craig Major and the masterful finishes of Alexia Baillargeon, each billboard becomes a work of art, a symbol of empowerment. Under the strategic direction of Shanty Nguyen and the FDM Agency team, the campaign transcends lingerie sales to become a source of inspiration, an anthem to the modern woman.

Enhanced by the participation of renowned lingerie brands such as Aubade, Chantelle, Corin, Empreinte, Lise Charmel, Prima Donna, Simone Pérèle, Rosa Faia, and Wacoal, the campaign reflects a partnership with creators who share Lingerie Emma's vision: that of celebrating women in all their facets.

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