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Robert Bernard

The incredible success of this specialist in mechanics and tires

The Robert Bernard Group, founded in 1950, is today one of the largest tire retailers in Quebec. Following a digital audit of the brand's social media, carried out in spring 2022 and led by the FDM team, the Robert Bernard group mandated us for the ideation, creation of original content and management of its account TikTok.

Focus on this adventure which began in February 2023

The Robert Bernard account is…

  • Over half a million views in just 17 videos


  • 147 videos recorded by the community

The winning formula

The video format is very popular with the public. Here are some factors that helped propel Robert Bernard's TikTok account to an all-time high.


An amplification budget is planned monthly and used for the majority of videos. We immediately notice that the concepts perform very well from the first 24 hours.


The content pillars

A variety of subjects and themes related to the tire and automobile repair industry are used, including advice on cars. Sometimes more informative, sometimes entertaining, the Robert Bernard group remains relevant while not taking itself too seriously!


The talent

If the community identifies and forms a strong bond of attachment to Robert Bernard's team, it is because there are no extras. Only employees participate in content creation sessions. And when they do, they participate with joy!


Short… and long videos

When we think of TikTok, we often think of humorous videos. However, with a client like Robert Bernard, we notice that educational videos lasting more than a minute are those that generate the most views organically. Good news, because this lets us exploit a large number of subjects related to the automobile sector.

Watch, save, share

How to change a spare tire?

This is exactly the type of video that subscribers like, because they can save it and watch it later, if this problem ever arises.

Follow Robert Bernard's TikTok account and take part in this great adventure.

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