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Case study: Impact of events in PR


In an industry as competitive as the beauty and hair color industry, redefining the standards of media visibility through engaging events is not only essential, but also a proven press relations strategy.

Clairol entrusted Agence FDM with the coordination of two media events aimed at strengthening brand recognition, offering a memorable experience and, ultimately, creating lasting and human connections that will lead the brand to remain top of mind with the media and consumers .

These events not only generated excellent feedback and established strong media relationships, but they also achieved their awareness goals while standing out in terms of engaging content.

Focus on the Tie-Dye event

As part of its press relations , Agence FDM orchestrated a colorful summer event, featuring Clairol's Natural Instincts BOLD range.


This initiative, encouraging influencer marketing and recycling of clothing through dyeing, invited participants to express their creativity during a Tie-Dye workshop led by the talented Patricia Méthot from La Pimbêche.


It was the perfect opportunity to transform discarded clothes into unique pieces, while enjoying colorful cocktails and tasty bites.


  • 26 media and content creators present

  • Over 1.5 million impressions , including 1.3 million impressions at the event!

  • 25 post-event creative press mailings

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