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Les usines de La Pimenterie

La Pimenterie

Case study

A fiery public relations campaign

for the two new La Pimenterie hot sauces

La Pimenterie, a Quebec company specializing in the manufacture of gourmet hot sauces, entrusted Agence FDM with the task of orchestrating a press relations campaign.


This campaign aimed to promote the launch of its two new hot sauces, selected to be presented in the new line-up of the show Hot Ones, broadcast on YouTube: the sauces Le Fruit Défendu and Queso sin Queso .


The objective of this public relations campaign was clear: increase the visibility of these two new sauces from La Pimenterie in the French- and English-speaking media in Canada.

Julien Fréchette and Maxime Chenier-Groulx of La Pimenterie
Queso Sin Queso sauce from La Pimenterie
The forbidden fruit sauce from the chili shop

Synergy between editorial content and exclusive interviews


As part of its media strategy, Agence FDM has developed two distinct communication angles to promote La Pimenterie's new hot sauces to targeted media.


For media focused on lifestyle, gastronomy and general news, the extremely spicy nature of the two recipes was highlighted, as well as the history of their creation and the highlight of their selection in the 23rd season from the show Hot Ones. Samples were offered to daring journalists wishing to experiment with the taste of the sauces.


On the other hand, for traditional business media, the approach has focused on the entire process of production and manufacturing of these culinary innovations. This included the cultivation of chili peppers in Quebec, the creative journey of the two designers, Julien Fréchette and Maxime Chenier-Groulx, and finally the mass production of thousands of bottles intended for sale on the official Hot Ones online store.


Interviews were specifically organized with Julien Fréchette, founder of La Pimenterie and creator of the Le Fruit Défendu sauce, as well as with Maxime Chenier-Groulx, employee of La Pimenterie and creator of the Queso sin Queso sauce, marketed under the Good brand Heats.


This targeted approach bore fruit, leading to unprecedented media coverage, with appearances on major media platforms such as 98.5 FM, Zone Économie (ICI RDI), Salut Bonjour Weekend, Rythme FM, CBC, le Journal de Montreal and Quebec, among others.


  • 31 mentions in the media.

  • 25 of these media wanted to speak with the spokespersons, whether for radio or television interviews, representing 80% of the results !

  • Over 11.1 million total impressions .

  • A message positivity rate of 100% .

  • Fun fact: a few radio stations agreed to take on the challenge by tasting both hot sauces live.

Les 2 sauces de La Pimenterie qui se retrouvent à Hot Ones
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