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Micasso et sa collection avec @llesdeux

Micasso & Co

Custom illustrations

This collection of cute prints was carefully designed in collaboration with Maude C. Pion, also known as @llesdeux.

Various illustrations by Micasso on the bibs for the new collection with Maude C. Pion
Zoom on the sleeves of the Micasso bib with lunch illustrations

Each design symbolizes a story, an anecdote or a memory for her and her family, just like ours! Memories that will also travel with yours, we hope!

Illustrations for the new collection by Micasso and @llesdeux

Micasso & Co and FDM

We are proud to have also participated in the design of the illustrations for the first classic collection.

Illustrations from the first collection by Micasso

Micasso & Co are aesthetic, practical products adapted to everyday life for modern families.

Zoom on the snack bags from the original collection by Micasso
Original collection signed Micasso
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