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Press relations

Sépaq: maintaining the top of mind with an ongoing public relations strategy


Public relations is a pillar of success when integrated into an ongoing strategy. However, building relationships with journalists, media and influencers must be regularly nourished by a relevant editorial approach.


Sépaq, loyal to Agence FDM for its sustained efforts in public relations, benefits from effective communication with traditional and digital media to promote its destinations and seasonal activities.

Amplify the presence of Sépaq

Each new season, targeted public relations initiatives are deployed to maximize the visibility of Sépaq's new services and top activities among the Quebec population.


Whether through editorial media coverage or coordination of interviews with designated spokespersons, Agence FDM has established itself as the reference agency in press relations to support Sépaq in its promotional efforts, also including distinctive campaigns over the years for key establishments such as the Aquarium du Québec, the Station touristique Duchesnay and the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency.


Our press relations officers, who have established relationships of trust with influential journalists and bloggers in the field of tourism, leisure and vacation, ensure increased visibility and a positive image of Sépaq and its various establishments from season to season.

Measures of success

The measures of success of our collaboration with Sépaq speak for themselves. Over the last five years, FDM's efforts have resulted in remarkable media visibility:


  • More than 217 million cumulative impressions on seasonal press campaigns.

  • More than 40 interviews orchestrated with Sépaq spokespersons.

  • A resolutely positive media coverage rate of 100% .

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Étendue d'eau avec couché de soleil

Consolidating the future, one initiative at a time

The ongoing public relations strategy adopted by Sépaq and implemented by Agence FDM demonstrates the importance of proactive communication and close collaboration with the media to stay top of mind in consumers' minds.


The results speak for themselves: a considerable media presence, successful press campaigns and unparalleled influence on Sépaq's activities and destinations.


It is through this reciprocal commitment and this strategic vision that Sépaq maintains its leading position in the tourism and leisure sector in Quebec. Agence FDM is proud to contribute to this success and is committed to continuing this dynamic of growth and notoriety.

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