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TikTok de la Fromagerie Victoria

Fromagerie Victoria

Case study

The success of Fromagerie Victoria’s TikTok strategy explained


Cravings, authenticity and humor are at the heart of Fromagerie Victoria’s TikTok strategy.


Quebec flagship and master in the art of poutines overflowing with cheese curds, Fromagerie Victoria has joined forces with Agence FDM to launch its TikTok account, in April 2022, through an impactful content creation strategy .

More than 823,000 views




183 saves

Authenticity on the menu

It was essential to position the brand's values such as authenticity, product quality and to show how the customer is at the heart of the Fromagerie Victoria experience.


The “carte blanche” strategy granted by the brand for its TikTok videos allowed us to attack this platform head-on by having fun with content creation.

Goal: create content that resonates

To successfully generate visibility on TikTok, we based the content on three strong pillars:



Decadent poutines, gourmet burgers, cheese curds and frozen desserts are part of Fromagerie Victoria's offering. We wanted to highlight the quality and taste of the products. Nothing is more salivating than a poutine well garnished with mild sauce and fresh cheese curds of the day.



We wanted to show that Fromagerie Victoria does not hide behind beautiful promises. What you see is what you get. Satisfaction guaranteed!



You can't laugh at everything, but lightness and humor always perform well on TikTok, especially in this kind of niche.

Successful tactics

Several tactics were used to propel Fromagerie Victoria content on TikTok and the budget allocated for amplification was not the only key to success.


To achieve this, Agence FDM made sure to create content with a catchy “hook” to capture attention from the first 3 seconds. We also included good hashtags and hidden keywords (for optimal organic SEO) in the published content.


Another tactic has been generating UGC (user generated content) and working with content creators to help propel the account further.

Success stories that speak for themselves

To create viral Fromagerie Victoria content, we included key elements such as employee engagement, authentic scenes that spark conversations, mouth-watering foods and close-ups to stimulate cravings.

Fromagerie Victoria and TikTok:
In summary

There are no winning recipes to ensure the success of a TikTok strategy. Some trial and error may be necessary. The important thing is to keep an eye on your content, your community and the trends.


This constantly changing platform brings its share of challenges, but that's exactly what's motivating! There is always room to innovate and push the boundaries of content creation.


Contact us to design a TikTok strategy that will generate visibility, engagement and love for your brand.

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