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Livres que l'on retrouve à la boutique Indigo


Case study

The secret of 70 million impressions

Indigo public relations campaigns

Media Profile, a renowned Toronto agency, selected Agence FDM as a partner to carry out Indigo's traditional PR campaigns in Quebec. The objectives were clear: strengthen the brand's positioning, create opportunities, lasting connections and, ultimately, remain top of mind with the media and consumers here.

The world of books and literature has evolved a lot in recent years. A brand like Indigo, which stands out as the largest bookstore in Canada, must emphasize all aspects of its service to stand out in a market where local value is constantly highlighted.

Agence FDM has implemented several strategies to promote Indigo's vast selection of books and highlight the importance of its philanthropic efforts, such as the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation, as well as its line of products focused on home, health and well-being.

Personalized media approaches

As part of its press relations efforts, Agence FDM has designed several tailor-made communication strategies . These aimed to satisfy specific media requirements by (1) providing products for photo shoots and (2) offering exclusive interviews with experts to address current social issues such as access to reading, as well as issues of diversity and inclusion.

These approaches were the perfect opportunity to connect with the media at key moments throughout the year. For its part, Agence FDM was committed to remaining on the lookout for opportunities and acting as an intermediary, while providing what was necessary to create content of interest and maximize visibility.

Numbers that mean everything

6 distinctive press relations campaigns during the year


1 intimate press event in the form of a lunch and learn

Over 70 million impressions , including over 200 media mentions .

Plusieurs livres et cadeaux qu'on retrouve à la boutique Indigo
Personnes qui assistent à l'événement Indigo

Focus on the holiday event

For media relations around the holiday season, Agence FDM organized a friendly “Lunch & Learn” event to offer an exclusive overview of holiday trends. This event highlighted Indigo's products, with particular attention paid to books.


During this exclusive event at the trendy McKiernan restaurant, the Indigo team, including Mathieu Trahan, director of French commerce, welcomed a selection of Quebec media. They were able to discuss the significant role Indigo plays for Canadians during the festive season and presented gifts to media representatives for themselves and their loved ones.


The event proved to be a great success and resulted in significant media coverage, including article circulation, interview requests and sample requests. All of these initiatives helped promote Indigo's wide range of products in Quebec.

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